2 | New Worship

Worship is crucial to so much of our life.

In repentance: sin is worshipping the wrong thing, so worshipping God reorients us toward Him and He lifts us up.

In discipleship: discipleship is about helping one another grow into maturity, becoming more like Jesus. In worship we encourage one another in this by relishing Jesus and welcoming his work in us.

In powerful witness: worship expresses God’s greatness and goodness. It releases spiritual power and proclaims the gospel, as Paul and Silas found out while locked up in jail in Philippi.

And most importantly, in knowing God: worship is the natural and life-giving response to meeting Him. We worship not because of what we get out of it, but simply because He’s worthy. Even so, we are changed as we enter deeper into His presence. We put ourselves into His light, letting Him transform us.

Worship needs no instruments, words, pretty decor or worship leader, these should all be things that help already worshipful hearts express their love for Jesus with passion, creativity and reverent freedom.

God is the inventor of colour, and one of the ways He expresses His colourful, wild life is through His Church. Let’s explore new ways of worshipping that are as varied as creation, as deep as the best hymns and as fresh as the Spirit’s prophetic word to us today.


How has God changed you through worship?

Apart from singing songs, in what other ways can we worship?

Use the other side of this sheet to write a simple song with the people around your table. Pick one aspect of God’s character, brainstorm ideas, cut the clichés and enjoy it!

Sing a rich, worshipful hymn together, like ‘Praise, my soul, the King of heaven’, or ‘Before Jehovah’s awesome throne’.

Nehemiah 8:6, Psalm 84 & 98, Acts 16:25-26, Ephesians 5:18-19


Wednesday 26 April to Tuesday 2 May 2017 | © Jesus Fellowship Church
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